MERLIN The Complete Series Box Set | SEAT42F


In addition to the collectible magnet set, the collection includes an exclusive bonus disc featuring:

       New commentary on two Season Five episodes

       Comic-Con International: San Diego 2012 Panel footage featuring the cast of Merlin

       “The Real Arthur and Merlin” – Stars Colin Morgan and Bradley James travel across Wales, exploring sites from the legend of Merlin

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"I lay awake at night
and think about how
much you’ve hurt me
over the last sixteen months.
And I get angry
at you and at myself
and I wonder why I’m still here,
why I stuck around so long.
Then I decide
that it’s time.
Enough is enough.
And I always think
I’ll be okay
because I won’t have time
to miss you when
I’m busy hating you.
But then the moment comes
and I see the confusion
in your perfect brown eyes
and when I say
“I can’t do this anymore”,
I don’t feel relieved
or free
or even assured that what I’m doing
is the right thing.
I don’t feel anything but pain.
Because as much as I hate you,
I just picture everything
that’s good.
That’s been good,
that could be great.
Laughter and laziness on Sundays.
Snowy walks and summer in the grass.
Inside jokes and our favourite songs.
Everything I’ll miss.
Because as much as I hate you,
my God, do I love you
so much more."
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